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Mihaela Mihut is a faculty member at School of Visual Arts and a lifetime member of the Actors Studio, where she had the honor of learning from "greats"; Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel, Al Pacino, Lee Grant, Alec Baldwin, Elizabeth Kemp.


Having come to New York from Transylvania, Romania, and having received an M.F.A. from the Actors Studio Drama School, I have learned a lot about myself, as an actress, as a teacher and therefore as a human being. To teach is to learn, and what a great gift it is to have the privilege to work with students from different backgrounds and paths of life.


I believe method acting is something everyone and anyone can benefit from, regardless of whether they are interested in acting, or just want to feel more secure in social situations, in their work, and in themselves.

Acting helps to integrate the unknown parts of ourselves, paving the way to vivid, gutsy, and real behavior. In such a way we discover the worthy and all-encompassing human being, with the good and the bad, unapologetic in our humanity and what we have to give through it. The process of acting is an inspirational one; it teaches us, transforms us and guides us to be better on stage, on film and also in life. 

Acting Teacher/Coach

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